iMotion® 2301

Drive iMotion 2301


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iMotion 2301 Sliding Door Drive

The iMotion 2301 sliding door drive is a powerful but flexible drive. Its long working life and the extremely dynamic, absolutely smooth and silent door movements which this drive makes possible have become the talk of the industry. The iMotion 2301 provides excellent ease of use to all who use it and ensures the total absence of delays in the use of the door even in times of heavy traffic.

Areas of Use

  • Because of its dynamic movements it is the particularly suitable for automatic sliding doors which are subject to high traffic volumes either inside the building or as an entrance to the building.
  • Because of its silent operation it is ideal for sensitive areas within the building, for example in offices or concert halls.
  • Certified for rescue and escape routes.


  • the iMotion Generation: intelligent micro-processor control guarantees the permanent monitoring of door leaf movements
  • integration of safety functions, e.g. protection of the main and secondary closing edges, individual settings of the touch sensitivity of the door
  • very high opening and closing speeds
  • extensive opening widths
  • unique AC motor: Swiss made, long working life and extremely reliable
  • RoHS compliant