Reference objects Banks & Public Buildings

Inviting for Those Who Are Invited

The counter of a bank should be inviting – and the transportation of money should be safe. People have access to the counters of administrative buildings but not to the offices. Thousands of students visit the university every day, but not the vice-chancellor’s office. That’s quite clear, so TORMAX automatic doors ensure that people can enter every building or part of a building they are entitled to enter.

A bank director, just like the local government Safety Officer, is interested in discrete and efficient monitoring of doors. Vice-chancellors and stadium managers, theatre directors and museum attendants must all be able to have confidence in the reliability of automatic doors whether the crowds are large or small.

Theatres, schools, universities, sports stadiums, museums, art galleries, cinemas, banks, administrative buildings, insurance companies, hotels, post offices: up to ten thousand people per day enter and leave. TORMAX unfailingly opens a welcoming door, quickly and safely.